I have many favorite things. I am going to talk about three of them. One of them is playing baseball. I have been playing baseball scene I was in kindergarten. Ever scene then, I just feel in love. I play catcher and 2nd base. I have played at North, but now I play at Lanier.

Another thing I like doing is just hanging out with friends. We go to the creak, the corner store called Pit Stop and much, much more. A lot of the time, we just hang out and do stupid things. I am just being honest. We have a lot of fun.

The last thing I am going to talk about is my most favorite thing of all. That is computers. I can do a lot with them. I have coded many websites, made logos, and I am now working on programming lights. At my church, I do the lights during the Wednesday night survives but I want to program the lights do cool things.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorites. Take a look at the picture below.


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