Seismic Waves Lab

We did a online lab on seismic waves to help detrmain how we know what the inside of the Earth looks like. What I learned is that we use earthquakes.

The way we determine if the layer is a solid or a liquid is P and S waves from earthquakes. A S wave can’t go through liquid and that is how we know that the outer core is the S waves stop when they get there. The way we know that the inner core is a solid is that when the P wave go through the liquid, they slow down but they speed up when they get to a solid again. The way we know that the crust and mantel are a solid is that both P and S waves go through them.



1. The first blog I went to took pics to show you step-by-step how to make an origami frog and gun.

2. The other blog I went to had the creator’s name in glitter text on the side bar. It also had a glob that spins around and tells you where people are who visit. He also had some cool post. The only thing that i would change is on the sidebar, there is still the thing that says welcome to your new blog.


One of my favorite things to do is play baseball. I found a few pictures that are about baseball.