At Home

I went home and I made the three types of rocks out of crayon. I melted three crayons in boiling water and then put it in the freezer. After that, I put the igneous crayon in front of a heater and then hit it whit a mallet. The last thing I did was brake up the metamorphic crayon and put weights on the broken up metamorphic rayon. It ended up as a sedimentary.

Personality Test

Here are my results from my personality test.

Jung Personality Test: ENTP

Whats Your Learning Style? Quiz:

Intrapersonaial 69%

Interpersonal 63%

Naturalistic 58%

My 4 Learning Styles:    

Most Like Me: Interpersonal

2nd Most Like Me: Self-Expressive

3rd Most Like Me: Understanding

Least Like Me: Mastery


Today we went to the computer lab and took an online test. The test was on rocks. We have been studeying rocks for the past three weeks. Also, we took three personality test. The last thing we did was work on our portfoilos. We had a realy fun day in Mrs. Wilson’s Science Class!